Best Time of Ski Touring in Iran

The best time of ski touring in Iran mountains and skiing in Iran ski resorts

What is the best time of skiing and ski touring in Iran?

As the title proves, on this post we will discuss when is the best time of ski touring in Iran, as well as the time when Iran ski resorts open for the season. But before that, we want to talk about the reason why such information is important and how that might help you with your travel to Iran.

Why Do You Need to Know the Best Season?

Traveling requires planning. Although in recent years many prefer to have freedom of changing their program and doing what they want, when they want it, traveling with absolutely no plan can turn out problematic. If nothing else, you must at least know your destination well enough to enjoy everything it has to offer. That’s why it is important to know when you should head there? What is the best time of visiting that country? Or what is the periods you should avoid traveling to that destination? Now, if the purpose of your travel is adventure tourism, then the importance of choosing the perfect time is one hundred times more crucial.

Every adventure destination has a high season that has been termed as such for a reason. Usually, traveling to an adventure destination any other time of the year requires more careful planning or different equipment. There are also times that the travel is not possible at all. Imagine going for ski to a mountain only to see that there is not enough snow, or there is thunder and skiing is not possible. However, since the high season also means crowded routes, tracks and accommodations, many try to avoid it in hope of a less jammed experience.

The Best time of Ski touring in Iran Mountains

Here, we want to discuss the best time of ski touring in Iran and its different mountains and ski resorts. We want you to have precise and practical information in choosing the time of your travel.

Damavand Ski Touring

As the highest mountain of Iran, Damavand is one of the most popular destinations of the country. Knowing the best time of ski touring in Damavand can be helpful. As a ski destination, the snowfall rate is influential and not always predictable. However, the time span of early March to mid-May is the ski touring season in Damavand.

Alamkuh Ski Touring

The second highest mountain of Iran is also a popular ski touring destination. While in the trekking season, Alamkuh is a easier destination that Damavand, for ski touring it’s vice versa. Alamkuh has some technical routes that require skilled skier. The best time of ski touring in Alamkuh is mid-March to mid-June.

Sabalan Ski Touring

Sabalan is the third highest mountain of Iran and in northwest of the country. Sabalan mountan is referred to as the ever snowy mountain of Iran. The best time of ski touring in Sabalan, like Damavand, is from early March to mid-May.

Zardkuh Ski Touring

Zardkuh as part of Zagros mountains is in one of the highest provinces of Iran. The snowfall is abounded here even in spring they have snow. However, the best time of ski touring in Zardkuh is from early January to late March.

Skiing in Iran ski resorts

Although the snowfall cannot be predicted, the ski resorts around Tehran usually open from late December to late March. There is one exception and that’s Tochal ski resort that remains open to around mid-April. If you are visiting these resorts around the beginning and the end of the season, its better to check with the resort to see if they are open. All the resorts have facilities including hotel, restaurant, different lifts and rental shop.

if you still have questions about the best time of ski touring in Iran, feel free to contact us.

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