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Mesr desert Trekking
Mesr desert TrekkingFounder & CEO
Kalout & Shahdad Tour
Kalout & Shahdad TourCreative Dicecrtor
Zarzaneh desert Trek
Zarzaneh desert TrekCreative Designer
Maranjab Desert Trek
Maranjab Desert TrekCo-Founder

About Iran Desert Tours

Maranjab Desert

Maranjab located in north of the aran_bidgol town in esfehan state . the altittue of the desert is about 850 mt from sea level. maranjab is presious wealth in iran because of attractation and amazing enviorment . the desert is rich and sensitive ecosystem that contain too many planet trees and so many animals like wolf, Hyena,cheeta (in danger), sandfox, sandcat, eagles Quail & etc.
The local people are very kind, hospitable they do the technic of living in desert very careful . the main domestic animal of them is camel and they can guide the tourist very well.
In maranjab is some historical places like Carvansaraa that is old chamber also the maranjab castle. The touristy points of the maranjab is sand hills & the main of the of road tours present there. we suggest you to have a trekking desert tour here

Mesr Desert
Shahdad Desert
Varzane Desert

Deserts Tour Services

we suggest to you that choose the best qulity of the programs to explore all the fact and enjoy your travel. These following facts is main parts of the program so select your plan to have a compelet trip

all the meal services is available for all Palate and all gener like vegitrian or sensitive diet. Also we can provide the traditional local food that is very delisiose so many tourists interested. Snack (fruits nuts ... ) water and Beverages is accessible every where

the transferring between the airport, hotel is by privet car and transferring in desert is depending to your plan. all the fact is available off road and jeep can bring you to center of the desert. also the camels are adapted in their habit & will help you to have light and nice trekking

before & after the program hotel give you service. In During the program we can provide for the tents. Also there is many natur hut and traditional chambers and all the camping &sleeping services is availabe. We suggest to you to try it

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