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About Iran

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Iran About


Iran or Persia is a wide country with 1.648.000 KM area, It's located in Middle-East and between the, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan and Pakistan from the east borders and from west reach to Turkey and Iraq. All Iran southern borders are reached to Oman sea and Persian Gulf. Iran in Middle-East is like a bridge from Caspian sea to Persian Gulf. It's just connection way between most beautiful lakes in world to Persian Gulf. Also Iran is like an intersection between East and west culture, politic, religion and trade.

Iran country as climate situation is part of 5 most paramount countries in the world, and as culture side is part of 10 paramount countries, Also as tourism attraction potential is part of first 10 countries worlds.

Limpid mineral springs, pomegranate gardens, pistachio gardens, Tabrizi trees, nomad tribe immigration in various seasons, full stars sky  in nights, rocks, mountains, Mt. Damavand, hills, deserts, Iran volcano that covered by snow, bushy forest, Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges and Caspian sea are from great unforgettable view-sights of Iran.

The most important things of Iran that made it as good tourism destination are high mountain ranges, flatland, deserts, hills, rivers, lakes that let you to have skiing and swimming in same time in Iran. It means you will find all 4 season in Iran at same time.

You can have ski in winter and have desert trek and swim in south seas in same time.

You can climb Damavand in 5671m height then go to southern island of Iran in 0m height, These variable situation of Iran made is so special for trekking and hiking.

If you visit northern or western villages of Iran as a tourist, villages, gardens, plates and meadows of there will wonder you. High plates from sea and locating most of the meadow on 1000m high are from Iran specifies.

Most important peaks and mountains of Iran are:

Mt. Damavand 5671m (highest peak in Middle-East) in Alborz

Mt. Sabalan 4880m in Ardebil

Mt. Sahand 3707m in Tabriz

Mt. Takht-e-Soleyman 4820m in Mazandaran

Mt. Zardkouh 4550m in Bakhtiary

Mt. Dena 4309m in Yasouj

Mt.Taftan 3941m in Sistan & Balouchestan

Some of these mountain and volcano let you to have enjoying with hot spring mineral waters, It means you will see one of the wonders of world here easily.

Especially in Mt. Damavand and Mt.Sabalan and after your trek you can relax in these mineral waters.

 Tours and visiting IRAN

Recent political turbulence may have burned Iran`s fragile reputation to the ground, but this country is slowly rising from the ashes to reveal its strength of spirit and unique historical and natural delights. Formerly known as Persia, Iran is littered with a diverse, eye-catching array of ancient temples and artworks, mosques, fortresses, and striking monuments, each of which reflects its own intriguing history. With a warm, but not overbearing climate, you can bask in the sunshine and take in the multitude of different atmospheres this country has to offer. 

Historical Iranian cultures and tradition is kept alive in the many part of local villages and the city bazaars lifestyles. And hikers are spoil for choice with Iran stunning mountains, valleys and & the Middle-East`s highest peak, Mount Damavand 5671m. History lovers can soak in the legends of ancient temples and imposing fortresses, dating from early civilizations such as the Safavids and the Sasanians. Art enthusiasts can admire the innovative mosque designs and ancient mountain relief paintings. A warm welcome, historical secrets and an artistic paradise awaits you.

The Valley of the beauties – Iran Trek

Trek the most breath-taking of Iran`s mountain valleys, and imagine its myths and legends. The Alamut Valley shelters the 50 or so ruined castles of the Ismaeli`s, the medieval tribe known as the `Assassins`. The `Assassin` nickname is thought to be derived from the Persian for hashish - the drug their enemies said the Ismaeli`s were slaves to, to further their monstrous reputation. Nonetheless, the valley holds true to the magical enigma of the Assassin tribe and their land of stolen castles. Stand in awe of the stunning Lambesar Castle on its dramatic cliff-perch, and see Alamut Castle towering over the cherry village in the valley below. Walk through stunning forests past mountain lakes and stay in scenic local villages.

Western & Northern Iran

Western and Northern Iran boast ancient, littered with nature, trek parts, Bazars, churches, mosques, ancient temples and early Persian art. Discover the bygone temple relics at the Throne of Solomon and marvel at the mystical Sassassian rock relief carvings in Kermashah. See the mighty base belief of Darius I at Bisotun, with its inscriptions in lost languages, and the Temple of Anahita, with its serene lake pool.In Kashan city you will find a historical bass named "Fin" that was the start point of some most iran history changes. Explore the crumbling city of Sultaneih, `The Land of the Sultans` and its rich cultural heritage, and witness the lost civilization of Hamadan. See the idyllic Armenian St Stephano`s Church, the mountain-set Babak Castle and admire the Blue Mosque at Tabriz. By the coast, delight in scenery and culture of Ramsar and explore the serene mountain village of Masuleh with its authentic rust-red houses.

Iran and Historical trips

Take a unique trip through Iran`s history and enigmatic architecture as you enter a world of dramatic fortresses, ornate palaces with stunning gardens, and archaeological and cultural gems. you will have this trip because your think will change about Iran history and culture after you done. Travel the lost land of Ancient Persia and learn about the rich cultural history at the heart of modern Iran. Surrender to the chaotic energy of the Tehran Bazaar, and marvel at the circle-shaped fortress city of Firouz Abad. Discover the remains of the Zorouastrian community in Yazd, and witness the dramatic Towers of Silence and the eternal flame burning at the Fire Temple.You will see so many peoples named "Khalife" that you will buy some special gifts and Iran signs. Uncover legend at Persepolis, home of the Archaeemenid Kings, and explore the stunning gardens at Kashan. Walk in the footsteps of Isfahan`s ancestors by crossing Shiraz`s spectacular river bridges, and enter a poetic maze of stunning palace gardens and boulevards. Uncover tradition in the 1000 year old mud-brick towns at Meyibod and the Khaaranagagh Village, and succumb to folktales at the cliff-town of Chak-Chak. Admire architectural triumphs like the Islamic complex at the small town of Nattanz and the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in the traditional village of Niaasar.

Mount Damavand

Climb to highest point of Middle-East  with a beautiful trek through the Alborz mountain ranges. Gain fantastic views of the Caspian Sea and its ivory cliffs, as you get closer and closer to the summit.  You will touch a real volcano above 5500m and Take in the thrills of an environment shrouded by myth and folklore, and stand on the mountain known as the symbol of resistance in Persian literature. Feel the mystique that surrounds the mountain legend as you relax in its thermal springs.

Trekking Mt Damavand 5671m
trek to Iran and middle-east highest peak. This huge volcano is one of the most easily accessible big mountains in the world that let you see great sense and volcano in 5671m. A less known prominent peak, which is rapidly gaining increasing popularity as a climbing and ski touring destination.

Damavand is probably the fastest 5000m in the world to ascend. The first camp, Polour, is just a couple of hours from Tehran’s IKA International Airport. In a short itinerary you can ascend to the top and get a taste of the natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of this distinguished summit. 

Damavand Highlights

  • This peak with 5671m height is highest point of Middle-East
  • This volcano has a unique conical shape with a volcanic crater
  • You will find great camp as middle camp in 4250m
  • It has a breathtaking ice fall called "Abshar Yakhi" at about 5100m
  • Mt. Damavand with a height of 5,671m, it is classified as the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.
  • It is the highest peak in the Middle East, also called the roof of Iran and the Middle East.


Shahdad Desert

Shahdad desert  is a city in and the capital of Shahdad District, in Kerman County, Kerman Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 4,097, in 1,010 families.

 Shahdad is the center of Shahdad district which includes smaller cities and villages such as Sirch, Anduhjerd, Chehar Farsakh, Go-diz, Keshit, Ibrahim Abad, Joshan and Dehseif.

The driving distance from Kerman city to Shahdad is 95 km. Shahdad is located at the edge of the Lut desert. The local climate is hot and dry. The main agricultural produce is date fruits.

There are many castles and caravanserais at Shahdad and around. Examples are the Shafee Abaad castle and the Godeez castle. North of town the Aratta civilization village and dwarf humans are said to have existed since 6,000 BC. Shrine of Imam Zadeh Zeyd, south of town, is the most respected religious site of Shahdad.

The oldest metal flag in human history was found in this city.

Shahdad Desert

The big desert of Lut with the area of 5400 km2 is situated in the east and southeast of Iran .In a major part of this desert, there is no animal and vegetable life of any kind.The very beautiful and typical phenomena abound in this desert. This desert has a few universally unique specifications. Due to its vastness only a part of this area (in the vanity of the historical city of Shahdad), that includes the most of its phenomena is taken in to consideration.

Shahdad enjoys 3 probably 4 universal records:

  • The longest widespread system of Yardang in the world (120 km long in 80 km wide).
  • The tallest sand pyramid of the world (nearly 500 M high)
  • The hottest point of the world (based on the studies on the satellite images and data).
  • The biggest Nebkas in the world (most probably)


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