Damavand South Face

Damavand South Face

This trip includes summiting mountain Damavand from its southern route. The passage is through Gosfandsara and Bargah Sevom.

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Alamkuh – Damavand

The program includes ascending two summits of Alam-Kuh and Damavand. Basically, Alamkuh is 4848 meters and Damavand is 5610 meters.

Alamut trekking - buaetiful mountain


For this program, we ascend one of the most beautiful mountains of Iran, meaning Sialan. Mount Sialan is 4177 meters and in Qazvin province.

AlamKuh – Hesarchal trekking

Alamkuh – Hesarchal

Now, we ascend Alam-Kuh. The majestic mountain is 4848 meter and the second highest mountain of Iran after Damavand.

Zardkuh Tent

Zardkuh Tent

Here, we will ascend some mountains in Zardkuh region which in return is part of Zagros. Basically, in this  region we have some mountains with same height.

Alamkuh – Alamchal trekking

Alamkuh – Alamchal

In this program we ascend Alam-Kuh, the second highest mountain of Iran after Damavand. Alamkuh is 4848 meters.