• Adventure Packages in Iran

The five main mountains of Iran can be good destinations for a number of activities. For example, trekking, skiing, paragliding, rock-climbing, mountain cycling, and sky running. Among all these, trekking and skiing are more popular. Adventure tours in Iran are usually guided and full board; unless, requested by the participant. In addition, there are one-day city tours. Here, we will go through the main points about traveling to these destinations from an operational point of view.

  • Trekking

Iran’s highest mountain is Damavand with 5610m altitude. Therefore, it is obvious that the country is no Nepal. However, it is a perfect destination for those interested in mountaineering who are not ready for higher mountains. The best season of trekking in Iran is naturally summer. However, if you are interested in more challenge then winter ascends will suite you better. In most of Iran’s trekking destinations, mules or coolies will carry the loads. Besides, there are transfers with 4×4 cars, which will last around 40min to 1 hour. In summers, there are eco-camps on the mountains of Damavand and Alamkuh that will provide services for the mountaineers.

  • Ski

The second most popular adventure activity in Iran is skiing. The skiing season starts from February and lasts to the middle of May. Damavand, Sabalan and Chelgerd are the most popular destinations of skiing. Alamkuh is the most technical one. Depending on the time of skiing, the participants ascend dirt and snow filled paths. And then, the skiing begins. The most important feature of skiing in Iran is that it is budgeted. Comparing to the same altitude and services in other part of the world, skiing in Iran is far cheaper.

  • Desert

Mesr, Maranjab, Shahdad, and Varzaneh are the most famous deserts of Iran. Trekking among the sand dunes and watching the starry night of the desert are the highlight of desert tour. Desert packages are vary because the potentials are vast. However, they all include trekking in the desert for around 4-5 hours per day. And then, spending the night in the tent. Participants may visit one desert or a combination of couple of them in their programs. Or, the desert is part of other programs like ski. In addition, the culture of people who live in the outskirt of desert is very famous. Usually, desert tours include city tours of destinations like Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman.

  • Cycling

Although mountain cycling is not an adventure that Iran is famous for; however, Iran’s mountains especially Damavand can be a great destination for mountain cycling. Besides the mountain, the jungles of northern part of Iran are very popular among mountain riders. Therefore, whether its mountain cycling or riding in the jungle, Iran is a destination to think about it. Naturally, the overnight stays in mountains are in camp or shelter

  • Culture City Tours

Although Atour Adventure is an adventure company, we do provide city tours for our travelers. Especially those who want to extend their stay and have a glance of Iran culture, architecture and art. In reality, we encourage our travelers to add to their travel and have guided city tours of Iran as well. Mainly, because no visit to Iran is complete unless the participants have a view of culture and art as well.