Iran Mountains: Oshtrankuh

Mountains of Iran - Oshtrankuh Mountain - Kolejenno, Eznader, Takhtshah Peaks

Iran Mountains: Oshtrankuh

This post is another one in a line of contents regarding how to summit some of the mountains of Iran. We have already discussed what these posts would talk about which you can read here. In addition, we had another piece about Azadkuh and Atashkuh which you can read here. Now, we head to Zagros Mountain Range and give a guide of summiting one of its mountains meaning Oshtrankuh.

How to Summit Oshtrankuh

This mountain is part of Aligudarz district of Borojerd city. The ridge has northwest to southeast axis and the most common trekking path is through the northeast and east route. The west route is more difficult since it is rocky and because of the Gahar Lake, there is no road. To summit from the northeast side, you have three routes ahead of you, each beginning in a different village. Here are the three areas.

  • Kamandan area: In this area, we have the peaks of Kulejenno, Takht Shah,  and Eznader
  • Dareh Takht area: In this area, which is also known as Sarab Shah Takht, we have the peaks like Peiareh Dareh Takht, Mehre Jemal, Sarab Shah Takht, and Fialehsson.
  • Pataf and Tion area: here we have the peaks of Mirzaie, Kule Layo, Senboran, Gale Gahar, and Gol Gol.

For this post, we will discuss the mountains of Kamandan Area.

Kamandan Area

To get to Kamandan, first, we have to get to Aligudarz, then we have a 40 km drive to Kamandan passing villages of Borjele, Dowlat Abad, and Shengan. Kamandan Peaks have a  relative altitude from the villages, therefore, a one day summit is not possible. We have to camp for the night and the best place is the area near Barf Pir tunnel. From the village, we have two-hours trekking ahead of us along the river. Please note that there is a crossroad on the path and we have to take the left one. We will set up a camp and rest for the night.

Takht Shah Peak

The next day, we start trekking to Takht Shah and Kolejenno. We start from the northeast side of the mountain. The passage is rocky and takes us a couple of hours to reach the ridge. Here, we head to the south (left side) to get to the Takht Shah. This route will take around 5 hours.

Kolejenno Peak

to get to Kojlejenno from Takht Shah, we cannot continue the ridge, since going through this passage requires climbing tools. Hence, we have to descend to the saddle and then ascend up again or to head south and take the route around the peak.

If by any chance, you want to start for Kolejenno from Aligudarz, then, start from the village of Kamandan and pass the river in the Sazman Aab area. Continue the left side of the river to a place called Eznader pass. It will take around one hour to this point. going through the valley and then to the left, you reach Sarab Bahador Area. Up to here, we trekked another hour. Then we head to the mountain pass and then to the right until the shelter. Here are another one and a half hour. After that, we take the route alongside the small river to the left for another one and a half hours. Here, the mountain glacier called Siah Chall is on our right. You can take the route through the glacier and reach the summit.

Eznader Peak

Eznader is almost a sole mountain. It is separated from the neighboring peaks of Peiarah and Takht Shah by a valley. Eznader is on the right side of the Barf Pir tunnel. It is rather rocky and you have to climb some parts but there is no need for technical equipment. After three and half hours, we reach a mountain that is connected to Eznader through a ridge. We have another hour to pass through the ridge and get to the peak.

This is a brief description to how to summit three peaks of Ostrunkuh meaning Takht Shah, Kolejenno, and Eznader. If you want to know more or have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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