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Iran desert

Ask a non-Iranian what is the three things they know about Iran. Most would answer Persian rug, Persian cat and desert, perhaps even camels. Although no one can deny the presence of two massive desert at the heart of the country, that is not all there is to Iran. In reality, the majority of the country’s lands are mountains. However, the presence of these mountains creates the central deserts. You can read more about Iran Mountains here. Nevertheless, the central areas have few to no vegetation, scarce water source, low rainfall rate, and a culture that reflects the desert. There are many small and big villages and even cities on the outskirts of this central area. Iranians know many of the desert like regions of around a village by the village name. Therefore, the arid area of around Mesr Village has come to be known as the Mesr desert.


Mesr Desert

Mesr is an area in the central deserts of Iran known for the beauty of its sand dunes, vegetation, and scenery. The word Mesr is the Persian equivalent of Egypt. Many years ago, a young shepherd lived in this area. The constant drought had made the life of the locals unbearable. The wells that the water experts found were shallow and dried soon.

 One day, the young shepherd whose name was Yousef (Josef) knew that if a new water source is not found, villagers must leave. They had to abandon the village and find a new place to live in. He started searching for water; and finally, he found a suitable place and made a well in the desert. The well, saved the village.  Yousef became a hero for what he did. He asked the villagers to call the area Mesr from now. It was a tribute to prophet Josef who Yousef was named after. Because Josef lived in Egypt, the village became Mesr.


Where is it, How to get there

The village of Mesr is in the Janda area, near Khur and in Isfahan Province. The usual pass to this area is through Persian Gulf freeway and the cities of Qom and Kashan. After Kashan, you have to leave Persian Gulf freeway and head to Zavare and Anarak. The whole drive to Mesr from Tehran has an average of around 8 hours. If you are heading to this area, do not forget the village of Farahzad and its surrounding. It is an especially good place for watching the starry nights of the desert.


What to see

Well, In addition to the tall sand dunes, the area is famous for its vegetation. The salt tolerant plants that amaze the travelers with their resistance. It is amazing to see so many plants in a barren place where human burley survive. The most famous of which is Cyperus conglomerates, Zygophyllum eurypterum, Ephedra strobilacea, Stipagrostis plumose, and Salsa crassa.

Mesr desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Iran. The first half of fall and spring are the best time of visiting Iran deserts. Don’t miss your chance and contact us now.


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