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Damavand Mountain Treks

Iranian Carpet Art

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Carpet-is-an-art Iranian Carpet Art



Woven into the fabric of Iranian history, religion, society, and culture for more than 2,500 years, Persian rugs are geographically integrated into Iran. When a rug is made in Persia, it is synonymously linked with Iran - Persia and Iran meaning the same thing when referring to rugs. Intricately tie with Iran's economy and trade for centuries, the hand-woven rugs are known for their artistic beauty and quality, particularly rugs made during the Safavid Dynasty (1499-1722). Today, Persian rugs still maintain their prestige. However, the trade has undergone dramatic changes with the introduction of machination, synthetic dyes, and short cuts for weaving, changing how they are traditionally made and undermining their quality and prestige. Deeply tied with Iran in every historical, societal, and cultural thread, Persian rugs have the potential to be a geographic indicator, causing additional tension to mount on the fabric of international trade.

A carpet art tour into Tehran, Ardabil, Shiraz, Kerman, and Esfahan is an opportunity to gain exclusive access to the iconic carpets and antiquarian textiles of Iran.


Day 1/ Arrival – Tehran

Transfer from IKA to the Hotel. O/N Hotel


Day 2/ Tehran - Ardabil

In the morning you will have a Tehran Carpet museum visit, then in the evening fly to Ardabil. O/N Hotel


Day 3/ Ardabil

You will visit carpet and rug workshop, as well as the city-sight tourO/N Hotel


Day 4/ Ardabil-Tehran-Shiraz

Transfer from Ardabil to Tehran and directly to Shiraz by domestic flight.

Excursion to Persepolis, the spectacular Achaemenid ceremonial city built by Darius I and Xerxes in the 5th and 4th cents. BC. In the afternoon continue to the Achaemenid royal tombs cut into the cliffs at Naqsh-e-Rustam. O/N Hotel


Day 5/ Shiraz – Nomadic

Nomadic weavers. Excursion to the traditional summer pastures of Qashqa’i nomads, renowned for producing vibrant tribal rugs and trappings. O/N Camp


Day 6/ Shiraz - Kerman

Transfer from Shiraz to Kerman. Visit the rug workshop. O/N Hotel


Day 7/ Kerman

Kermen city-sight tour and then transfer to Esfahan. O/N Hotel


Day 8/ Esfahan

You will visit Esfahan city sights. O/N Hotel


Day 9/ Esfahan – Kashan – Tehran

En route Tehran you will stop by in Kashan carpet workshop, and then transfer to IKA. End of program.


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