Accommodation: Mountain Lodges

Polour Mountain Lodge is the basecamp of Damavand South face route

Polour, Rineh and Vandarbon Lodge

Here we would like to introduce some of Iran’s most frequented mountain accommodations including lodges, huts, shelters and refuges. Since Damavand and Alamkuh are the highest mountains of Iran and the most popular one, we will begin with Polour, Rineh and Vandarbon mountain lodges.

Polour Mountain Lodge

Polour is a village in Damavand district with an estimated distance of 100 kilometers to Tehran. This lodge is supervised and run by the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of Iran. To get there from Tehran, one has to take the Haraz road and after passing the cities of Jajorud, Bomehen and Rudehen, you will get to a side road leading to Polour. Mountaineers who want to summit Damavand from its south face will usually use this lodge.

Polour Mountain Lodge has two floors. In the first one, you can find a small grocery store, praying hall, shared bathrooms and showers, and a sport center for climbing.  Most of the climbing competitions of Iran happen in this center. The second floor is where you find the shared and private rooms. The shared area is a large room with bunk beds and bathroom and showers. Of course, the private rooms have bunk beds and private bathroom and shower as well. In the second floor you will also find a kitchen. In addition, the lodge has electricity and fair mobile reception.

Rineh Mountain Lodge

Just like Polour, Rineh Mountain Lodge is in Damavand district. It has an estimated distance of 120 kilometers to Tehran. Actually, Rineh was the first mountain lodge of the area and much older than Polour. In recent years, they rebuilt it and now it is one of the lodges of the south face of Damavand. Mountaineers can arrange for 4×4 to Gosfandsara from here. Rineh is smaller than Polour but it is in the middle of the village and therefore the mountaineers have access to grocery store, bakery and restaurant.  Rineh has private and shared rooms with bunk beds and shared bathroom and showers as well.


Vandarbon Mountain Lodge

This mountain lodge is in the Mazandaran province and the base camp for summiting Alamkuh Mountain. It is 360 kilometer north of Tehran reachable through Chalous Road. The road to Vandarbon is asphalted till Roodbarak and then there is dirt road. The lodge has two floors including private and shared rooms with bunk beds and shared bathroom and shower. All the different routes of ascending Alamkuh starts from here. Besides, mountaineers who chose the south face begin their 4×4 ride from here.

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