2nd year of eco-camp on Damavand & Alam-Kuh

Atour Camp

2018, marks the second year that Atour Adventure Group has set up its eco-camp on Damavand and Alam-Kuh. For two consecutive years, we had the honor of providing services for hundreds of mountaineers. These mountaineers came from all around the world to visit Damavand and Alam-Kuh. What’s more, we did all that in a facility that we are deeply proud of. Nothing beats knowing you can encourage people to come and ascend Damavand without constantly worrying about its effect. Mainly because you know that you can minimize this effect.

From the first moment that the idea of eco-camp was shaped, to this very moment, the environmental concerns were very important for us and we take pleasure in knowing that we leave such small traces on the nature of Damavand and Alam-Kuh.

What happened on Atour eco-camp 2018

This year camp was very memorable and meaningful. We had guests from all around the world, but perhaps the highlight of them all was the Iran-Austria Friendship Event. We had mountaineers from Nature Friend Austria that shared our concerns and love of nature. In a joint ascend, Australian and Iranian mountaineers summited two mountains of Damavand and Alam-Kuh. We all stayed in Atour eco-camp and then had a very exciting ascent. It was an amazing experience and we met some very inspiring people like Peter Habeler, Gerlinde KaltenbrunnerWolfgang Nairz, and Andy Holzer.

However, as we are approaching the end of the trekking season of Damavand and Alam-Kuh we had to collect our tents. We cannot wait until the next spring and summer that we once again set them up. The good news is that the snow began so much sooner which means a very happy and fun ski season.

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