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Safe Trek

Safe Trek

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Safe trek means you will be in safe situation since you apply for Visa till You finished your Journey and you go back home.

Atour Make happy time for you when you are in Iran

First Step

We Guarantee your Visa if you apply your request 1 month sooner than your journey start. In Iran we are authorized as a Visa applier and we have partner company that give your Visa code by Guarantee and you can stay in Iran for 14 Days, Its not diffrence with your nationality, although if you want to stay more than 14 days and maximum for 2 month we are also authorized to give by our license.

Atour Adventure group from Iran Foriegn Ministery is a association that can give Visa and within you are in Iran all of your Responsibility and safe is with us from government.


As you reach to Iran we report all of our Journey and trek to Iran Police that they know all of our itinerary by details and our security and safe trip is responded by them, So we will have no problem anywhere because before you come to Iran we got all the certifications and permited, So you are registered everywhere.

Within Trek

We provide your trek by our professional group and guides, Also our organizers that before you start journey they prepared all the best kind of equipments and guides as type of your trip.

So if you want to climb or have trek we select the guides and local guides to be with your group.

When you are in City Sight

When you want to have a cultural trip or city-sight we add 1 or 2 special guides just for city-sight that they are proffessional on culture of Iran.

In Road

Iran is a wide country so if you want go from one city to another you must be something like 5 to 6 hours in car, so we use good drivers and good cars or Bus. So you must be in safe trip and relax. In all of our trips such as trek to culture we give special services for your happiness.

In Desert

All of the Iran Deserts are secured by local peoples, police, our guides and support.

Just in the south desert of Iran and in some part from Kerman to Zahedan we dont held any journey because we are not sure about safety. Although the border police and special guides for Deserts that most of them are local guarantee, But for your saftey just we have programs in safe and really secured deserts.

Iran Visa Terms and Conditions

Iran Visa Form

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