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Why I Must Select Iran For Ski?

Mt Damavand Ski

Because you can ski in spectacular mountain of Asia with cheap trip.

Damavand is highest peak of Iran and Middle-East that you can have ski tour on that. Damavand with 5671m height is very good place for ski.

Hard snow on top, Powder snow on 4000 and 5000 meters altitude make a enjoyable place to ski for 3 or 4 days. around the Mt Damavand is so many 4000 meters peaks that you can have an acclimatization on that. select mount Damavand and enjoy your ski tour in Iran

zard Kouh Mountain Range Skiing
Alam Kouh Skiing
Mt Sabalan Skiing
Ski in Iran's Resorts

Technical Level

Thats level of your skill on each mountain to ski. you can select the best destination to enjoy your ski tour by look at this grades.

Mt damavand Ski Tour (5671m)


Zard Kouh (Zard Kuh) Mountain Range


Mt Alam Kouh (Alam Kuh) Mountain Area


Mt Sabalan 4811m


Iran Ski Resorts


Our Ski Packages

Select your Ski Tour Destination in Iran

We are Expert to Operate

Atour Adventure Group with more than 14 mountaineering ski guides, is specialist in operating the tours of Skiing on mountains of Iran.

Mt Damavand, Zagros area, Mt Sabalan and Alam Kouh are our main destinations. look at our guides skills and select a guide to be as your local expert. make your itinerary and enjoy our high quality services.

In Atour we have rescue on our tours because the Atour guides and owner have a strong role in Iran Mountaineering Federation (IMSCF) and in emergency case they will help you free of charge.

on Atour tours you will have free internet access on all the ski resorts and areas, also single supplement if you select to stay in camp and tent is free of charge.

in the other hand, when you select Atour as your Trekking/Ski tour operator, you will not change any mount of currency except you want to buy giftd or give tips. Atour with all full board services will cover all your trip.

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