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Iran Culture Tours

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Visit the Iran, Trek the Culture

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Iran is 4 seasen country full of the nice culture like different tribe and traditional life style in all arownd of iran . and beutifull enviorments like mountains, ski resorts , bigwalls and beautiful wterfalls and famous historical places & ancient like perspolis , naghshe jahan square. This unic possiblity in iran is very good opportunity to have complete travel in touristy points. The ski and trekking in desert is both available & visiting the nomad tribe then going to ancients and etc. the calendar of program is depend on your travelplan.

The index mountain in iran have specific Potential to have trekking in summer or touring ski in cold seasens . alborz range is contain Damavand5671mt & alam kouh 4850mt and even zagros range include zardkouh 4200mt and oshtoran koh group even the alone peaks like sabalan 4850 . these mountain is very suitable to have trekking ski and technical climbing

Ranking of Iran cities attractions

Iran have many historical cities and full of the culture and art ancients . each of the historical places have several history from different era and mythology. And visiting of these culture places is pre¬_ casual of tourists. The location is very simple , accessible and in center of the town and the ancients is near and adjoining locality. The most famous places can mention “perspolis castle” in shiraz ct “Alighapo castle “ and “khajuo bridgh” in esfehan ct . great complex mosque and the old traditional neighbourhood in yazd ct.

Highest Attraction Destinations

The special culture and nature of iran make it a touristy county .many historical cities (esfehan, shiraz , yazd, kashan. . .)and the Historic architecture , tradional styles in designe , Bedouin life in village , different climate in same time ,nomad tribes , the high mountain great deserts several river and waterfalls is just few motivaitions of tourists to choose iran to have compelet and memorable trip



Isfahan (Esfahan)








Culture Attractions


The shiraz is labeled to poem and culture city cause the two famous Rip poet Tomb located in this city. also the very old historical places include perspolis castle, naghshe rostam Crypt, pasargad tomb, eram garden, vakil mosque, and so many other places even there is nice nature like zagros range mountains “reghez” canyon sepidan ski resort make the shiraz the one of important city of the iran.

Isfahan (Esfahan)

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