• What is Sabalan, Where is Sabalan?

Sabalan is the third highest mountain of Iran with 4811m. altitude. From a geographical perspective, you can find Sabalan in Alborz mountain range. Needless to say, Alborz is part of the Northern Mountain Range of Iran that covers the southern part of Caspian Sea. Now, in terms of provincial divisions, you have to go northwest to the city of Meshginshahr, and the province of Ardabil.

Mount Sabalan has a special place among Iranians. In fact, in the myths it is the place where Zoroaster came to his religion. Therefore, mountaineers who come back from the Mount Sabalan have the respect of a pilgrim. Traditionally, locals called this mountain Savalan, which in Azari language means “the place where the water flows”. However, with the passage of time, Savalan changed to Sabalan. There are some Iconic symbols that the mountain is famous for; like the eagle shaped rock and the crater lake of the summit.

Most importantly, for those who look for activities other than trekking, there is potential for Skiing. Alvars ski resort not only is the biggest ski resort in Iran, but has beautiful scenery as well. You can enjoy skiing there in Fall and Winter where the snow is absolutely perfect.

The best time for climbing mount Sabalan is summer between first of June to first of September. And the best time of skiing is March and April.

  • How to Ascend?

There are two routes that are most commonly used by mountaineers to summit Sabalan, northeast and western face. Among the two, the north east face is easier and mostly used by mountaineers especially in high season.


To climb Sabalan from northeast face, mountaineers have to start from Shabil village. Here, you need to ride 4×4 cars to “Hosseinieh” at 3700 meters. It takes around 45 minutes to drive from Shabil. Normally, and depending on the time of your arrival, you can try some hiking routes for acclimatization. Of course, there are some shelters here, but since there is no booking system, participants must be ready to spend the night at tent. For winter ascends, you must be prepared and fully equipped to face the freezing cold weather of Sabalan.

In order to climb 1100 meters from Hosseinieh to the summit, mountaineers must start their ascent early in the morning. And after approximately 4 to 5 hours of trekking they will reach the top.

Western Face

To ascend through the western face, you need to again get to Shabil village. Here, you will use 4×4 cars to get to the trekking rout of the western side “Ghare Gol”. Depending on the physical fitness and the weather, there is 4 hours of trekking waiting for you. After that, you reach the western shelter (4200m) which is very close to the famous “Eagle rock”. From the western shelter to the top you need to trek for almost 3 hours to summit. There is no booking system for the local shelter so be prepared to stay in tent in case you couldn’t find any place in shelter.

  • Sabalan in a glance
  • How to Get there?

For mountaineers who are interested in climbing Sabalan whether from the North East or the Western Face, you need to reach to Shabil village. So, if you have a plan to mark a date on your calendar to visit this place you can take a domestic flight from Tehran to Ardebil and then you can take a ride to Meshginshahr, from there you can easily go to Shabil village and start your venture on Sabalan mountain.

  • What to See?

One of the most interesting things about Mount Sabalan is an eagle shaped stone. In addition to the high mountains of the region, there are also other reasons which Sabalan is famous for. Shahsavan Nomads are one of the highlights of this region. In the right time, you can have a chance to hike the routes that Nomads take in their journey.

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Now, you can say that you know enough about climbing Sabalan. Now, it’s time to choose the route to climb and then let us arrange your adventure. Rely on us to do your reservations and arrange for all transfers, accommodations, guide, meals, permit and cultural extensions. Even if you don’t need the whole package, you can contact us and get separate services.

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