• What is Damavand, Where is Damavand?

Damavand is a mountain in Iran. Actually, it is the highest mountain of Iran and the highest volcanic mountain of Middle East. The name is a mixture of Dam+Avand which means the place of smoke and fog. It refers to the volcanic state of the mountain. Damavand is part of Alborz mountain range, which is in turn part of the northern mountain range of Iran. Alborz covers the south of Caspian Sea like a protective wall and stops the humidity from reaching the southern parts. From a provincial aspect, the mountain is in Mazandaran Province and a popular destination of mountaineering, trekking, ski, paragliding, biking, and sky running.

  • How to Ascend?

Damavand has an altitude of 5610 m., and as it was mentioned, is the highest mountain of Iran and west Asia. There are around 16 routes to the summit, each having a different difficulty level and suitable for a different season. However, among all the routes, two are more common: the south route and the northeast route. The easiest route is the south one and the most popular one as well.

South Face Route
The South Route

The south route of Damavand is the easiest and most popular route of reaching the Damavand Summit. To ascend through the south route, the mountaineers have to start from Polour. There is a lodge here that belongs to Iran’s mountaineering federation. Here, they have to arrange for 4×4 cars to take them up to a place known as Gosfandsara or the Mosque. The ride is around 1 hour and then the trekking begins. After 3-4 hours of trekking, the mountaineers reach the altitude of 4200m. Here, the mountaineers have two options, staying in the shelter or the eco-camp.

The Bargah Sevom shelter is in two stories and has rooms with bunk beds, a dining section and kitchen that sells warm, usually canned food and some basic stuff. The shelter doesn’t have a shower. It is relatively small and is used by local mountaineers as well, so it is mostly cramped.

The Damavand eco-camp has a 5-minute distance to Bargah Sevom shelter. The eco-camp was set up by Atour Adventure and we are very proud to be the first agency to make an eco-camp on the south face of the Damavand and Hesarchal area in Alam-kuh. Both camps follow the rules of eco-camps in world and are made to have the least influence on the area. There is a dining section providing warm, freshly cooked meals and free hot and cold drinks for those who stay there. The Kailas tents of the camp are shared by 2 or 3 people. From here, there is a 6-7 hours’ trek to the summit.


North East Face Route
The North Route

To ascend through the northeast face, the mountaineers first go to Nandal, the village is in the altitude 2300 m. there is a mountaineering lodge here. The Lodge is a building with numerous rooms and bunk beds, a dining section, kitchen and store. The kitchen is just for cooking and foods are not sold there, and the store has some basic stuff so don’t expect diversity.

The mountaineers ride 4×4 cars to Gardanehsar which will take around 1 hour, and then trek to Takht-e Fereydon shelter which will be around 6 hours. The shelter is in the altitude of 4400 m. It’s a flat without any beds, so you need sleeping bag and sleeping pads. And in the high season it is difficult to find space, so the mountaineers should be prepared to spend the night in tent. There is no reservation available for the shelter since it is a local shelter. There is a 6-7 hours of trek waiting for mountaineers.

  • Damavand in a glance

  • How to Get there?

The passage to Damavand depends on the ascend route. For an ascend from south face, the closest place is the villages of Rineh and Polour. For the northeast face, the village of Nandal would be the closest place.

  • What to See?

If you are in the area of Damavand, don’t forget the Frozen Waterfall. You can easily reach it in the south face route. The view of Doberar Mountain Ridge in the south face and part of the Yakhar ice wall in the northeast face are sceneries that you don’t want to miss.

  • Want to Start Your Tour?

Now you know enough about Damavand, so It’s time to choose and plan your trip. First, you have to decide which route to take and inform us of your decision. Based on that we will plan your trip from A to Z. you can count on us for all your transfers, accommodation reservation, meals, guide, permit, and even the cultural extensions. That is, if you want to get familiar with the art, architecture and history of Iran. If you don’t want  whole package, you can contact us to arrange for separate services as well. On general, the list of services provided by Atour is listed below:

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  • Polour Lodge
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  • Atour Eco-camp
  • Bargah Sevom Shelter
  • Takht-e Fereydon Shelter

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  • Airport to Tehran – Tehran to Airport
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  • Polour to Gosfandsara – Gosfandsara to Polour
  • Nandal to Gardanehsar – Gardanehsar to Nandal
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