• What is Alamut, Where is Alamut?

Alamut is the name of a mountain in Qazvin Province. The mountain is part of Alborz mountain range that covers the northern part of Iran and south of Caspian Sea. Here, the visitors have a mixture of beautiful nature and magnificent history.

Alamut castle is the highlight of this city. Mainly, because of its history as an undefeatable castle that belonged to group known as Hashshashin or Assassins. They were a group that stood against the Abbasid Caliphate who by the time ruled over Iran. Hassan Sabbah, the founder of Nizari sect lead the group around 1050–1124. Interestingly, no one could defeat the castle when Hassan Sabah ruled over it. However, the Mongol army could finally open the gates of the castle and conquer it.

Besides the historical significance, this region benefits from eye-catching roads and scenery that you can enjoy on your way to Alamut city. Now, there is also another interesting thing about Alamut city. An interesting thing that make it a popular destination for mountain climbers, and that is “The Sialan Mountain”.

  • How to Ascend?

Sialan has an altitude of 4177 meters. As mentioned, it is part of Alborz mountain range and famous for its ridge. As the mountaineers trek over the ridge, they have the view of breath-taking scenery. Now, there are three routes to top the Sialan summit. However, only two of them are common routes to access the peak. The routes are north path passing through Esel Mahale Village, and south path passing through Haniz Village. Just note that Haniz Village is always crowded. Many mountaineers and trekkers visit the village during the climbing season. Therefore, you must be prepared to camp for the night.

South Face
South Face

To make the ascend through the south route, you need to first get to Alamut city and then Haniz Village. There are two local shelters on this way. One is at the altitude of 3300 meters above sea level. The other is at the altitude of 3500 meters and known as Sialan Shelter. Fortunately, both of them are in good shape to spend the night at. however, you need to have sleeping bags and mattress since there are no beds or any kind of facilities in the shelter. Normally, summiting through the southern face would take around 7 hours. Moreover, you must be prepared to spend the night at tent in case the shelter is full.

North Face
North Face

To start your ascent from the northern face of Sialan Mountain you must first of all reach to Esel Mahale. This village is in Dou Hezar district in Mazandaran province. This village is at the altitude of 1300 meters. Moreover, this route is much  longer than the other to reach the summit. By reaching Esel Mahale, there is a two-hour trekking waiting for you. Then, you will get to “Daryasar” Plain at the altitude of 2000 meters. After that, its Hertang valley’s turn. Next, is “Vineh” village where you can set up your camp to stay for the night. From Vineh to peak only a four-hour trek is ahead. If you ascend and descend from the same route,  you just need to pack necessary things to complete your climb. The extra loads will remain in the campsite.

  • Alamut in a glance
  • How to Get there?

To get to Alamut you can have a ride from Tehran to Qazvin and then Alamut which is a common ride with really good condition. Alamut is a home town of many rock climbers in Iran and can be great place for people who are interested in many such activities, it can be a place of choice for all men with historical and adventures sense.

  • What to See?

In addition to Sialan mountain and Hassan Sabah castle, there are more things to do and see. Alamut is a pleasant place for fishing, cycling, trekking, motorcycle touring, grand touring and other activities of the same nature. For anyone who would like to rest in some place near water, the best location is the Evan or Ovan Lake. Moreover, there is nothing like going out for a cultural trip to Alamut and Qazvin.

  • Want to Start Your Tour?

After knowing all about Alamut, it’s now the time to set up your plan. At first, you need to choose about your ideal plan depending on your physical fitness and preference. Based on your plan, we can arrange everything such as accommodation, guide, permits, transfers and even cultural extensions in case that you were interested. In addition, if you are looking for some special tours and packages you can contact us and we will provide you the services that will meet your needs.

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