Iran the country of diversity and distinction

Iran is a country in the Middle East. For long, the country has been famous for its history, nature and strategic location. The location is important because its a connection…
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Mesr Desert should be felt

Ask a non-Iranian what is the three things they know about Iran. Most would answer Persian rug, Persian cat and desert, perhaps even camels. Although no one can deny the…
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Top 5 of Ski Resorts in Iran

We are approaching Ski Season. Thus, we took the opportunity to publish a post about Iran’s top ski resorts. It might help you consider Iran as your next destination. Or…
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Sustainable Eco Tourism Symposium

In September 2019, the Cultural forum of Austria in Iran and Science and Culture University organized a symposium. It focused on sustainable tourism in both countries. The following companies and…

Report of UIAA Youth Camp

In July 2019, for the fifth time, Atour Adventure Group had the honor of hosting yet another youth camp titled UIAA Youth Summer Camp. The program is recognized by International…

Alam-Kuh: second highest mountain

Alam-Kuh is the second highest mountain of Iran. there are two main routes of reaching it, through Hesarchal and Alamchal. it has the possiblity of rock-climbing, mountaineering and trekking.

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Damavand: history, routes, and shelters

Damavand Mountain is in Mazandaran Province in Iran. It has four main routes, with the south route being the most common and easiest one. The IFMSC lodge, Bargah Sevom Shelter and Atour Eco-camp are the accommodation available here.

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