Bisotun Rock Climbing festivals

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to all the climbers participating in this magnificent festival, and particularly, to the foreign rock climbers and members of the international organization of High Mountains (GHM), who have enhanced the quality and level of this athletic event.

Dear friends, We have the honour of hosting you in a country with 7000-year-old culture and civilization, and is considered as one of the most historical countries of the world.

The International Bisotoun Rock Climbing Festival

This Festival will be organized by Groupe de Haute Montagne which is an international organization based in France, I.R.Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation, and the Alpine Club of Iran, from October 16 to October 23, 2010  in collaboration with the Government Office in Kermanshah (ostandari), the Cultural Heritage Organization, and the Red Crescent Society.


  • Introducing Bisotun wall & other natural and historical attractions of Kermanshah city and Bisotun town.
  • Making new routes on Bisotun wall and equipping the old routes, if necessary.
  • Exchanging mountaineering and cultural experiences.
  • Base jumping” from the top of the wall.
  • Making a special route by Arnaud Petit, in order to introducing it in the “50 Superieur Rock Climbing Routes” which this prominent climber intends to write.
  • Making films and accounts for mountaineering journals.
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