Bisotun Rock Climbing festival from 2010

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The international bisotun rock climbing festival is one of the most important bigwall climbing events of Iran

The International Bisotun Rock Climbing Festival

The Bisotun big wall is and has always been one of the main destinations of rock climbing in Iran. In October 2010, the French guide François Bernard in collaboration with Ebrahim Nowtash, a well-respected Iranian climber, initiated a festival of big wall climbing in Bisotun. In the following year, another French climber and guide, Guy Abert, made a topography of the most common paths of climbing the wall making it perfect for a festival such as the international Bisotun Rock Climbing Festival.

The event was organized to be held biannually. However, after the first three events, there was a temporary halt until 2018. In 2018, the fourth Bisotoun big wall climbing event was held but this time with highlining, base jumping and wingsuit flying adding to festival. Famous climbers like Ales Cesen, Angelika Rainer, Marko Prezelj, Manu Pellisier, Leslie Fucsko, Hubert Giot, Sam Beaugey, Anna Ahlund, Marko Servalli, and the wingsuit flyer Graldine Fasnacht has taken part in this even.

This Festival will be organized by Groupe de Haute Montagne (GHM)which is an international organization based in France, I.R.Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation (IMSCF), and the Alpine Club of Iran.

Source: Iran Outdoor Events

The Festivals Official Goals

  • Introducing Bisotun wall & other natural and historical attractions of Kermanshah city and Bisotun town.
  • Making new routes on Bisotun wall and equipping the old routes, if necessary.
  • Exchanging mountaineering and cultural experiences.
  • Base jumping” from the top of the wall.
  • Making a special route by Arnaud Petit, in order to introducing it in the “50 Superieur Rock Climbing Routes” which this prominent climber intends to write.
  • Making films and accounts for mountaineering journals.

To know more about the festival and take part in it please contact us

Bisotun Rock Climbing Festival

Bisotun Rock Climbing Festival is one of the most important bigwall climbing events of Iran held in the city of Kermanshah as a collaboration of GHM, IMSCF and Atour Adventure Group

Event Type: SportsEvent

Event Attendance Mode: Offline

Address: Bisotun, , Kermanshah City, , Iran

Performer: Organization

Performer Name: GHM , IMSCF and Atour Adventure Group

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