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We believe great experience is created by unique individuals who put their hearts into their work. 

All our team members work to their best potentials to make your trip a memorable and special journey of your life. 

Iraj Maani


Mahmoud Hashemi

Mahmoud is a professional mountaineer as well as a great skier. He was a member of Iran’s national Mountaineering team as a young adult. Mahmoud summited 6 out of 8000m summits. In fact both Mahmoud and Iraj were on many expeditions together. There were part of Nanga Parbat winter expedition in 2015. 

Mahmoud is involved with many tasks regarding training and guiding young mountaineers. He is the member of Youth Commission of UIAA. 

Mehdi Soheil Farid

Iraj Maani

Iraj has started mountaineering as a professional sport since he was 15 years old. He joined the national Youth Mountaineer team of Iran and he scaled many different mountains at young age such as Tilicho Peak and Noshaq. 

Iraj summited 5 out of 14 summits higher than 8000m. He has been guiding and leading expedition groups to many different summits around the world, including but not limited to Island Peak (Imja Tse), Elbrus, Ararat, Aconcagua, Mont Blanc and many more. Iraj believes in safe adventures. He is among the best ice climbing instructors of Iran and he has been involved in training young mountaineers to achieve their goals. Iraj is the member of Youth Commission of UIAA and he has been the lead organizers of many Youth Camps in Iran. 

Mahmood Hashemi


Mehdi Farid

Mehdi’s contributions to search and rescue teams in Iran are remarkable. He has been involved in many different search and rescue events for earthquakes, mountains and water. He is a professional deep water diver and skilled rock climber. 

Mehdi’s experience brings a big value to the safety of our adventurous tours. 

Mehdi Bigdeli

Marjan Chaghari

Mahsa Bayaneh

Arash Iravani

Shohreh Khalili

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