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Atour’s Birth

It was in 2014 that after years of mountaineering, Iraj and Mahmood started their own organization. With the background of ascending Broad Peak, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Gasherbrum II, Gasherbrum I, Makalu, Nanga Parbat, and Lhotse, they had enough knowledge. Also, they have been training and coaching young mountaineers becoming more and more known in the realm of mountaineering. Here, what motivated them to initiate a company was to introduce Iran’s potential as an adventure destination to the world. It wasn’t an easy task especially with all the media lashings and false rumors. However, they were determined to change people’s minds about Iran. First, they started small but had big goals. Moreover, the travelers knew they can trust guides who have the background of summiting eight-thousand-meter mountains.

Atour is an Azeri word, the language of people of the northwest of Iran. It refers to the fire that lies in the heart of every mountaineer in the world. Furthermore, It represents a passion for mountain and a passion for adventure. In the past five or so years, Atour Adventure Group has conducted many events. Among these events, we can refer to the Iran-Austria Joint Summit of Damavand, Bisotun Big Wall Climbing Event, IFSC Asian Championship League, and the UIAA Youth Summer Camp.


Atour Journey Continues

The activities of Atour Adventure Group divides to the outgoing and incoming sections. However, the fame and reputation of Mahmood and Iraj made them to sought after leaders for foreign expedition. That’s why for the first couple of years, Atour had more outgoing adventures than incoming ones. As a result, Iraj and Mahmood led many groups on foreign expeditions to some of the most notable mountains of world. 12 expeditions to Island peak and Everest base camp, 2 expeditions to Aconcagua, 2 expeditions to Mont Blanc, 6 expeditions to Elbrus, and 6 expeditions to Annapurna are just some of their mountaineering travels.

From this year, Atour came to organize an international event recognized by the UIAA. This event focuses on young mountaineers and aims to create a chance for all to share experiences with younger members of mountaineering society. Here is the link of this event on UIAA website: Click Here


Gaining experiences in outgoing and domestic adventures, Mahmood and Iraj focused more on incoming tours. Therefore, gathering a team of experienced tour operator, they expanded their company. The highlight of Atour activities in this year is:

  • the successful organization of Rock Climbing annual conference with more than 200 representatives
  • the organization of Asian rock climbing competition and the arrangement of ski sport camp for France National Team of Ski.
Trekking Sabalan
Trekking AlamKuh

The success story of Atour continued and in this year besides all the incoming and outgoing adventures, Atour was again part of:

  • Rock climbing conference
  • Asian competition
  • UIAA youth camp
  • UIAA annual meeting in Shiraz

Gaining More Experience

With the success of the previous years, came more and more trust in the ability of Atour in organizing tours, meetings, competitions and related matters. Taking part in the Iran-Austria joint project of ascending Damavand in respect of 60 years of friendship between two countries, the event of mountaineering for peace, and the Bisotun rock climbing, highlining and wingsuit jumping festival are among the activities of Atour in this year.


Atour Keeps Thriving

It is rewarding to see the result of years of activity. In 2019, we had the honor of having another youth camp for the younger generation of mountaineers under the supervision of UIAA and Iran mountaineering federation. we hosted the embassy employees and show them the beauty of Iran, we hosted many adventure and cultural tours and despite the rumors and concerns about Iran, provided the best possible services for our guests.

Why Atour Adventure Group?

Atour’s team is made of people who are whether professional mountaineers and members of Iran National Team of Mountaineering, or those who enjoy hiking and mountaineering as a hobby. Nonetheless, here everyone loves nature and loves mountain. Besides, they are all the best in their fields, whether it is marketing, planning, logistic, or guiding.

Atour Adventure Group can guarantee quality services. We provide the best services for the most suitable price. We can also customize the tours to fit the travelers’ requests, like adding cultural tours, or other adventures like rafting, diving, caving and canyoning.

Atour Managing Team

Iraj Maani

Iraj Maani


Iraj has started mountaineering as a professional sport since he was 15. Then, he joined the national Youth Mountaineering team of Iran and ascended many different mountains at young age such as Tilicho and Noshaq. Also, Iraj has summited 5 of the 14 eight-thousand-meter mountains. He has been guiding and leading expedition groups to many different peaks around the world, including but not limited to Island Peak, Elbrus, Ararat, Aconcagua, Mont Blanc, and Ama Dablam. Furthermore, he is among the best ice climbing instructors of Iran and has been training young mountaineers for years. Now, Iraj is a Member of Youth Committee of UIAA, Head of Youth Committee of IMSCF, Member of GHM Organization in France (Association of Altitude Alpinism), and Member of Iran National Climbing Team.

Mahmood Hashemi

Vice President

Mahmoud is a professional mountaineer and skier. He was a member of the national mountaineering team and later became an instructor. So far, Mahmoud ascended 8 of the eight-thousand-meter mountains. Mahmoud and Iraj shared many expeditions together which strengthen their friendship. A friendship that later became a partnership in business as well. They were part of the Nanga Parbat winter expedition in 2015. Furthermore, Mahmoud is President of International Affairs of Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation, Head of Expedition Committee of UIAA, Vice President of ACC, Vice President of Youth Committee of UIAA, Deputy of Himalayan Committee of IMSCF from 2012 to 2014, Deputy of PR of IMSCF from 2007 to 2012, and in 2019 he became a member of Executive Board of UIAA.

Atour Team

Mehdi Bigdeli


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