A Guide to Summit Iran Mountains

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guide to summit

Iran is a mountainous country. The four mountain ranges of north, west, south and central surround the country making the arid central areas. Besides their scenic beauty, mountains give a country climatic and natural diversity and they are an important source of fresh water. In addition to all these benefits, mountains have great tourism potential. From picnicking in downhills, to trekking and mountaineering, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking and all sort of adventure, we have it all in the mountain. Therefore, mountains are a tourism strength in a country. Having many mountains means Iran has many potentiality and strengths in this regard. However, for the past seventy year that the mountaineering activities became official, we have not reached our full capacity.  Iran has many mountaineers and mountain lovers; however, it still has a long way to go. Mountaineers face different difficulties like fear of the unknown, bad roads, lack of safe routes, lack of information about the mountains, lack of navigation sources, expensive transportation, expensive services and many other similar problems.

What to expect in “Guide to Summit” posts?

In recent years, the world of tourism has changed drastically. Now, we have tourists that are not interested in guided tours and fixed plans. They want to have free plans and go as the travel advances. In our experience, these travelers may have needs for separate services. That got us thinking. Why not make a guide for them to help them with their trekking in Iran’s mountains. Naturally, there are many details to consider, here, we just give an idea and a general plan. Of course, we will be glad to help anyone that has more questions in this regard. Guide to Summit is a series of posts that gives information about summiting different mountains of Iran. We will cover the Alborz mountain range peaks, the Zagros mountain range peaks, the Kerman peaks, and the Takht-e Soleyman peaks.

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