Iraj Maani and Mahmoud Hashemi in Gasherbrum

The story of Atour Adventure’s foundations…

Our story started when 15 years of friendship between Iraj Maani and Mahmoud Hashemi entered a new phase. When friends became business partners as well. Mahmoud and Iraj have been mountaineers from early age; it did not take them long to become best friends. As the time passed, they became more and more famous in the mountaineering world of Iran. The fame was intensified with the successful ascends of some +8000m mountains. Now, many people referred to them and asked them to guide their tours. That, made the two of them thinking, why not turn this to a business. They knew all there was about Iran’s mountains as well as skiing and mountaineering in them. With this knowledge, they grew their business day by day. And here we are now. An incoming/outgoing travel agency active in adventure tourism and focusing on trekking, skiing, cycling, and desert safari.

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What We Suggest and Offer

The world has moved toward sustainable enjoyment of nature, where you can indulge but don’t destruct. With emphasis on this belief and following the latest standards of Eco-camp, Atour Adventure Group sets up its Eco-cam on the South Face of Damavand and the Hesarchal area of Alamkuh.

Each season, Atour Adventure Group presents some of its packages in form of offers with lower prices but same quality and services. This packages aim to promote Iran as a destination and to encourage more adventurers to travel to Iran and experience this country with us.

Iran SkiMo Event is an annual event focusing on Ski Mountaineering in Iran. It includes ski touring in some of Iran’s most important mountains and a friendly competition. The competition has three sections of Skiing. Atour Adventure Group with collaboration of Seven Summit Ski Club organize this event.

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Iran is definitely a destination that will surprise you. If you take chances and like to try what others do not usually try, then you will see. Only then, you would understand that Iran is not what media has shown. As a travel agency based in Iran, we usually have travelers that have already decided about their trip. Therefore, they have enough information about Iran and the destination/s they want to visit. What they want from us is itinerary, services and price. However, we would like to lead the attention of more travelers to Iran and its potential as a cultural and adventure destination. Thus, we will present Iran’s adventure destination with photos and videos that best describe them. Furthermore, in our blog section, we will give information about traveling to Iran. Please check our website and contact us if you have any question.

What Is It You Are Looking For

Many are wary to travel to Iran, partly because of what they have heard and partly because of lack of knowledge. Here in Atour, we would like to encourage adventurers to travel to Iran by giving them information and presenting the true nature of Iran as a country and an adventure destination…

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