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There is a offers for Spring and Summer 2018 with some packages and itineraries for Alamout area and Desert trekking tours.
UIAA-Damavand Summer Camp 2018
Try the Damavand Summer Camp, Its special program operated from Atour that we hold a permanent camp on 4200m of Damavand. it cause the lowest price of packages with expert services and guides.
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Atour guarrantte the visa issuance for our clients, we get visa refrence code that you can get on arrival visa or get it on embassies. find all information about travel to Iran and iran culture

Atour Adventure

Atour Adventure  is an international travel company with most experience in climbing, trekking, skiing, mountain skiing, camping, cultural trips, canyoning & programs in Nepal, Africa, Iran and other lands.

Our profession is presentation best services for climbing, trekking and ... with enough afford and cost for everyone.

Our philosophy is that we want introduce the culture and landscape of Iran, Tanzania, Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey and … as first after that show the environment and mountains of these countries.

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ski tours 

Mountaineering Ski in Iran is possible since January to May. You can ski on 4000 and 5000 meters peaks on Alborz and Zagros Mountain Ranges.

Damavand as highest peak of Iran with 5671m is most attractive place for Mountaineering ski, Also Zard Kouh in Zagros Mountain range is good potential for free ride and touring ski. we offer bellow areas

  • Mt. Damavand skiing Tour
  • Mt. Alam Kouh Skiing Tour
  • Mt. Sabalan Skiing Tour
  • Zard Kuh Skiing Tour
Iran trekking tours by 

Iran is one of the beautiful countries of the world, not just in nature but in its culture and variety of ethnic groups inhabiting it. Compared to trekking in other countries in the region, Iran offers better serviced trekking routes making trekking easy and comfortable. .

Though if you are not inclined to stay in teahouse and want a more wild experience there are limitless opportunities for camping and fully self-supported remote trekking in Ira.? we offer you Mt Damavand trekking as major destination.

  • Mount Damavand Trekking Tour
  • Mount Alam Kouh Trekking Tour
  • Mount Sabalan Trekking Tour
  • Mount Zard Kouh Trekking Tour
  • Alamout Trekking Tour
  • Zagros Range Trekking Tour
Iran Deserts Tours 

Iran is one of the few remaining destinations where there is still the freedom to travel to distances, timeless and by choice, sleep in remote-wilderness or formal-camp, explore central desert and distant dunes, enjoy total relaxed or high adventure.

Iran is a country blessed with endless contrast where you can discover fascinating facts about desert plants, animals, geology, history, culture and life style with interactive displays and exhibits to bring your tour to life.

  • Mesr Desert Trekking Tour
  • Kalout Desert Trekking Tour
  • Varzaneh Desert Trekking Tour
  • Shahdad Desert trekking Tour
Iran Nomad Tour Packages 

Experience an ancient natural lifestyle in the wild, open spaces of Iran, and a wealth of cultural treasures.

The wandering tribes of Iran are the world’s largest remaining concentration of traditional nomads – over a million people practising an ancient way of life, moving with the seasons to the rhythm of Nature. Historians have found that back in the Sassanid era (A.D 224-642) these people’s ancestors lived in much the same way, with costumes and dialects which have changed little to this day.

  • Iran Nomad tour
  • Qashqai Nomad tour
  • Shah Savan Nomad Tour (Ardebil)
  • Zagros Nomad peoples
Iran Cultural Tour Packages 

Travel restriction-free through Iran in the privacy of your own exclusive, personal luxury tour — all at group tour prices. Our tours are ideal for two people, yet priced as if you were part of a large tour. Of course, larger groups can enjoy the beauty of Iran with us too.

Meet some of the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world. Centuries of mingling ethnic groups — from Mongols and Turks to Arabs and Greeks — have created a magnificent multicultural flair that resonates with the Iranian people.

  • IRAN Ancient 8 Days  7 Nights
  • Iran Glory 23 Day  22 Night
  • Iranian Ziggurat 21 day 20 night
  • IRAN-Inspiration 14 day  13 night
  • IRAN-People 12 day  11 night
  • IRAN-The old roads 14 day 13 night
  • Normal Culture Trip
  • Persian Princes 21 Day 20Night
Iran Islands Tours 

In Iran Islands Tour we start our trip from tehran and visit Three island of Iran, Kish, Qeshm and Hengam. we try to visit the exo system of Persian Gulf in this tour.
A dolphin shaped resort Island in Iran which is a free zone in the Persian Gulf.Qeshm resort Island is one of the best Iran family beach resorts which homes a lot of unique species and owns many natural and geological wonders such as Qeshm Geopark and Mangrove forest. During this beach tour you will experience the fantastic attractions of Hormoz, Hengam and Naaz Persian Gulf resort Islands as well. This Iran beach vacation package also goes to the area of dolphin, crocodile and gazelles watching. Qeshm Island is a real masterpiece for nature lovers combine with delicious Iranian local sea foods you can visit without Iran visa!

  • Qeshm Tour
  • Kish Tour
  • North & South sea Coast
  • All Islands Tour
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What you read, What you eat. Brows our food menu, its what will you see on your meals. if you have any diet or you are vegeterian, please inform our staffs.

In Iran and in our trips we have 3 kind of transport cars depend to itinerary and program location. The major topics can be choised from the our list.

In all of our travels we have Tents, Some times is optional and also you can rest in huts but we dont recomend, Because the tent is more comfortable and safer. If we setup camp we have be in our private trip.

We selected best hotels and huts for our tours that you can select as you prefer. About the Huts our main projects in Iran are in Damavand and Alam Kouh so we explain the situation some of them as listed under services section.

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